Oct 24
PDFKey Pro

PDFKey Pro 3.0

"The Locksmith"

Normally $19.99

The eat-an-extra-lunch-out price: $11.99

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Ever needed a PDFs password but didn’t have it?

PDFKey Pro is to PDFs what a locksmith is to you locking your keys in the car – a Life Saver

Ever lost a password or received a protected PDF from somebody who didn’t send the password? Did you lose a day as a result? Have you ever had to process password-protected PDFs in bulk?

PDFKey Pro lets you easily recover from lost PDF passwords that keep you from copying and printing . PDFKey Pro makes an unlocked copy of your PDF, without requiring you to enter a password. If your files are protected for viewing, you must supply the password and PDFKey Pro will make a fully unlocked document. PDFs can also be processed in bulk, without requiring your intervention.

PDFKey Pro

Do you need to protect your files from unauthorized access? Do you want to restrict the usage permissions on your PDF files?

PDFKey Pro lets you protect your PDFs in a snap. You can set a password to view the file and a password to restrict printing and copy&pasting of your PDFs. The files created by PDFKey Pro will be identical to the originals and you will be able to open them in any PDF viewer.


Recover Lost Passwords:
Unlocks printing and copying capabilities in PDF documents
Unlock PDFs:
Unlocks PDF documents you cannot otherwise view after you provide the viewing password

Lock PDFs:
Protects PDF documents from unauthorized access. Allows you to restrict usage permissions on your PDF documents.

Supports batch processing of multiple files or folders
Automation Tools:
Includes an Automator Action (Mac OS X "Tiger" only) and a command-line tool.
Update Checks:
Includes an automatic update check and Unsanity’s SmartCrash technology for bug reporting.
English, Italian and French with others languages in the works

18 Responses to “PDF Locksmith – PDFKey Pro 3.0”

  1. Lee Says:

    This is a great app with very responsive developers – I requested some preferences be added to allow the user to choose the destination of the unlocked files and with a week or two they showed up in a 2.X update.

  2. Mickeh Says:

    Hm… Looks good but I don’t think I am ever going to be getting password protected PDF’s…

  3. Piet Says:

    Nice GUI, but which more abilities does pdfKey Pro offer compared to the free PDFlab? ->

  4. Lee Whittaker Says:

    Ok someone please tell me how I get int the ZotGeist ! :)

  5. Gipetto Says:

    I’ve been doing this with a bash script for a long time now.

  6. mattt Says:

    Gipetto, care to share? :)

  7. stainboy Says:

    @Lee Whittaker: yeah, wish i could too… i was in hospital when they offered the zotgeist, so i missed it as well!

  8. Richard_R Says:

    Why not open the locked PDF in ColorSync Utility and save as. Always works for me.

  9. F451 Says:

    I’ve been a registered user the first week this hit the scene. I went through two versions before the developer charged a meager upgrade fee for this version; I immediately upgraded without hesitation. This app is well worth the price of admission.

  10. n0mmo Says:

    Wow, so now we’re zotting hacking applications?

  11. F451 Says:


    I am sure some do use it for hacking, but I use it for those docs that some ignorant fool forgot to unlock that need revising, and they’ve decided to go vacation or they are somewhere else in the world, but the deadline is still the same. So, not all are using the app for illegal purposes. I’ve also saved my wife’s bacon for the exact same reasons. We both have major corporate backgrounds…so you can understand the need.

  12. Eniregnat Says:

    If this can unlock government forms and the forms my university offers then I will purchase it.

    As for hacking, this isn’t a serious hacking tool.

  13. Jim Says:

    Zotting a hacking application? Gimme a break. There are legit uses for this for those that need it. I suppose a program like Disco will be considered a piracy app as well in your eyes.

  14. n0mmo Says:

    Ya know.. I gave a good long response to this at work but it never went through. I tried reposting it and it said that I had already posted those words. Apparently I cannot defend my position here.

    One point being this: Circumventing a digital protection scheme IS a type of software hack. This is an app which does this. This is a hacking app. Can ANYONE knowledgably argue this?

    Whether the use of a software is legitimate or not does not matter.

  15. orb Says:

    Watching DVD under Linux is a legitimate use, yet not legal at least in the US because breaking the CSS is illegal under the DMCA.
    I think this program is indeed illegal at least in the US, but who really cares?

  16. geoff Says:


    Oh, but legitimate non-infringing use does matter. Consider a scenario that doesn’t involve a loaded term like hacking.

    A 2-by-4 can be used to bash someone’s skull in and kill them. It is without question a weapon. Can anyone argue this? People who sell 2-by-4s should be stopped. Whether it has a legitimate use or not does not matter.

    Now consider this one:

    Circumventing a digital protection scheme IS a type of software hack. Apple’s TextEdit is an app that does this. It is therefore a hacking app.

    Or this one:

    Network hackers start by doing a port scan. Apple’s network utility includes the ability to scan ports. It is a hacking app. Can anyone argue with this?

    Now do you see why branding something a hacking app and using that as a basis to criticise someone for buying or selling it is senseless?

  17. Kenny Says:

    When this can be used for illegal hacking , it certainly has legal uses. samething can be said about guns, yet they can be sold and owned in US, at least in my lifetime.

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