Oct 08

Notae 1.2.2

Convenient cocoa notetaking

Normally: $15.00
ZOT price: $7.50 – save 50%

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Notae is a full-featured and lightweight notebook with instant full-text searching and complete import and export functionality. It can even read your notes out to iTunes, and thus your iPod. Notae includes a Mac OS X Service to grab any text or file selection and keep it as a note. Its open document format (XML or SQLite) allows for other creative uses. Really, it’s TextEdit on performance-enhancing code.

Notae also helps you fight lock-in, even for itself. You can import and export any of the following document types: plain text, RTF, RTFD, Word DOC, WordML, and HTML. If your note is about something other than text, just drag a file into any note and Notae will keep it around for you and let you drag it out any time.

32 Responses to “Notae – Convenient Cocoa Notetaking”

  1. Mickeh Says:

    Hm… I like xPad a lot better :).

  2. Maximillian Says:

    I just can’t see spending $7.50 on an app that does almost nothing more than most text-editors. Sure, notes are good, but do I really need them in my iTunes library? I can already put them on my iPod as text.

  3. erichd Says:

    Looks like good app for the newbies who didn’t jump on KIT or get xPad.

    The iTunes export and the everything import/export is major plus for this!

  4. mackid Says:

    I just downloaded the demo and I think xPad is better. I just took this icon and stuck it on xPad’s. Much better!

  5. Lee Whittaker Says:

    not another notetaker I already have KIT and xPad (both I never use! )

  6. erichd Says:

    After checking the site, I ahve to ask:

    Do the other note apps use Core Data? That seems like a very BIG plus for notae!

  7. hibou Says:

    what a cute icon!

  8. Roybertito Says:

    I much prefer Mori. Sure its file format is proprietary, but it actually works like a notebook rather than Notepad.

    Got that thing for free, too, thanks to MyDreamApp.

  9. Adam Knight Says:

    (author) FWIW, I added iPod textual export tonight and that should be in the next update, bringing the export feature up to and past xPad’s. That version is not released yet, but should be once I wrap up a couple of more items. But the feature is done-done and will be in the next version.

    The appeal, IMHO, of Notae is in the methodology of importing every file it can and letting you tag and search them, and edit as you would in any good word processor rather than being limited to plain text. That’s what I wanted so it’s what I made. If it appeals to you, that’s great, I’m happy. If not, that’s entirely understandable. Note-taking and data collection is a very finicky and personal thing, which is why there’s a 101 programs that do it.

    But, really, try it for a bit, add things, search around a little. See if it works the way you want first. :)

  10. gryphonent Says:

    Another Notebook??

  11. dimebag2 Says:

    …like the new buttons, they’re sweeeeet.

  12. Dan Says:

    Nice icon…

  13. sangsara Says:

    mackid: i wanted to do that too! but i don’t know how to put a new icon on another app. how did you?

  14. sangsara Says:

    sorry i just figured it out. i tried dragging and dropping and that didn’t work. but a copy/paste did.

  15. Ric Says:

    I’ve done a lot of complaining lately, but I say another note app doesn’t bother me at all. They all have pluses and minuses and lost cost versions like this or xPad would likely work well for a lot of people out there. Note and GTD apps seem the next logical killer apps as more and more people start to use them. Hell, I have licenses to DEVONthink Pro, DEVONnote, StickyBrain/SOHO Notes, K.I.T., and I’m sure a couple I can’t remember. And there are free ones out there like the unusual Notational Velocity. Anyway DEVONthink gets by far most of my time, but it, like the others, has issues so I say continue the support.

  16. Peter Says:

    Did anyone notice the icon is actually a drawing of a Moleskine?…

  17. yahtzeen Says:

    Happy Birthday to me!

    So I get Notae, that’s cool. Can’t complain. There have been a lot of note taking apps lately, I really do like K.I.T. which I picked up here one way or another. Notae looks interesting so I’ll take a look.

    Maybe somebody needs to create an app that keeps all the various note taking apps in sync with each other. NoteSyncer now with NoteZapper!

    It’s too early in the morning to be thinking.

  18. Jefe Says:

    First off.. K.I.T. is not a note taker.. if used as its name implies, it’s a way of keeping all types of media in one place.. or at least links to. The note feature is a feature, not the core of the app.

    xpad is pretty nice though. I don’t need to have my notes read to me by Albert or whoever.

    That said, having a notebook type app is very helpful, and if you missed xpad, this seems like a nice deal.

  19. Josh F Says:

    The icon is very sweet. :D I wish it had something more unique to it as well as I can’t justify the purchase with x-pad always purring in the background.

  20. Rob M. Says:

    Umm, search? xPad doesn’t really do cross-note search as far as I can find…

  21. Thorsten von Plotho-Kettner Says:

    The tagging is very nice, but not enough to take that one instead of xPad or Mori.

  22. yahtzeen Says:

    I think K.I.T. works great as a note taker. It also keeps stuff all in one place, but in my mind everything is essentially a note. I think you’re being a little too literal about this note taking thing.

    If I used Photoshop to take notes and it worked for me I don’t know why anybody would care, except you maybe. Is photoshop a note taker? Nope. But why worry about it.

  23. Christian Says:

    I like moleskine. I don’t need app.

  24. kL Says:

    I can’t use any notebook that doesn’t have infinite nesting of notes. I’m thinking in trees, not flat lists.

  25. Rob M. Says:

    Then … don’t?

  26. erichd Says:


    Which note apps offer trees? I really dig that, as well!

    I realize I’m probably misisng some features in what I already own…

  27. lonniehb Says:

    I think it’s GREAT that this app is on macZOT! – no I will not be buying it nor do I need it, but what I’ve seen the past several days is macZOT! addressing the issues everyone had about new software, etc. I personally love xPad and have no need to replace it, but the fact that today I could buy a discounted version of notae which rivals macZOT!’s own software shows me that they are really trying to offer great deals. Nice work ZOT!

  28. MK Says:

    Feedback on the new design: I don’t think the new “News” and “Discuss” buttons look very good. Unless MacZOT! is about to change the entire site design, the new buttons look out of place.

  29. SoftwareJunkie Says:

    I *like* the new buttons. The color doesn’t seem to compliment the rest of the scheme, but I really like the look and the shading.

    Another note app? Yes! If it was a note app every other day for a couple of weeks, I’d whine. But like somebody said, they’re all different, pluses and minuses abound, and I like that if we don’t care for one, like a woman or a bus, there will be another along in a bit.

    For a non-sequiter, let’s see OmniDazzle!

    Another random thought, I like the navigation at the top of the page. Makes getting around *MUCH* easier. My first few days here were pretty frustrating.

    Back on track, I’ve got K.I.T. and xPad. I haven’t used the former yet, but the latter looks to be just what I want. And I have StickyBrain and SOHO notes (SB’s successor) and neither one of them have been used.

    I wish mZ had come along sooner!

  30. SoftwareJunkie Says:

    I won’t be trying Notae, but being able to export notes to iTunes, and sync them to the iPod without enabling Disk mode, and dragging stuff to the Notes folder, seems pretty cool!

    Assuming Notae works that way.

  31. Thorsten von Plotho-Kettner Says:

    Christian, I am addicted to moleskines :D

  32. sangsara Says:

    yeah the moleskine icon was my main reason for considering this app, but after trying it out, it doesn’t beat KIT which i currently use. it keeps my stuff together, AND is a great searchable notepad app. i also own a license for xpad, but haven’t found a need for it when KIT does the same thing better (why no search in xpad!?).