Sep 28


If you haven’t seen this, you need to

Normally $14.95
ZOT price $9.95

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create different profiles of almost any applications data!

rooSwitch makes it easy

Switch amongst the profiles to activate the data you wish to use. It’s the power of a multi-user environment for just you.

Watch the screencasts! – Really, you have to see this…

Here’s rooSwitch with iTunes:


rooSwitch can be applied in many different ways, for many different purposes. Here are three common scenarios:


Using beta quality software and concerned about your real data? rooSwitch makes it easy for you to create a backup of all your preferences and data files associated with your favorite application.


rooSwitch makes it easy to keep your favorite apps data safe and also makes it easy to manage profiles for different situations. A good example of this is are “at home” and “at work” profiles. See the rooSwitch for users screencast to see this in action.


Constantly shuffling data files around as you test different situations (new user, user with lots of records, etc)? rooSwitch takes care of that shuffling for you. I wrote rooSwitch for this exact purpose. I got tired of moving files around in Application Support and Preferences.

17 Responses to “rooSwitch -A fresh copy of each app!”

  1. Maximillian Says:

    Good idea, but I just don’t need it at that price. If it were $5, I’d be in.

  2. Takeo Says:

    Already got that in a MysteryZOT…

  3. erichd Says:

    Was one of the lucky ones to get it in the StoryZot … highly recommended!

    This will open up whole news ways of organizing your life on your Mac!

  4. Mickeh Says:

    Hm… Already got this at the StoryZOT, I definitely reccoment this to people; it is a great app and it really helps me out!

  5. c. Says:

    The most valuable addition to my workflow since I got a mac.

    Wonderful app.


  6. Greenie Says:

    Yep, fantastic way for temporary “replacement” of Application-preferences. Highly recommendet. Got it via the StoryZot also (I think) and I don’t regret it.

  7. ER Says:

    I also received this in the StoryZot, but I haven’t used it yet. I’ve read the website’s proclamations of what it can do, and I’ve seen the comments that generally say, “Great app!”. Can someone point me (and potential buyers) to a tutorial website or give us some real-world use for this app?

    I’d like to use roo, but like Quicksilver when I first downloaded it, I didn’t get just how easy QS is to use, nor how powerful it it, until someone gave me a quick demo.

  8. Jefe Says:

    erichd.. can you ellaborate on that a little? I also got this with storyzot and I’m trying to figure out how the heck i can use it.. and I’m not coming up with anything.

    some to you Mickeh.. how does it help you out?

  9. erichd Says:


    Check out the developer’s site for ideas!

  10. BrianC Says:


    I’m the developer behind rooSwitch and I’m continuing to find new ways to use it :)

    The most recent thing I’m doing is using it to manage multiple iTunes Libraries. I also plan to use it to manage multiple iPhoto libraries with one of the libraries being on an external HD (running low on disk space on the macbook). I should note that both of these examples require some extra work though. I recently wrote about how I’m doing this with itunes on my blog @

    Let me know if you have any questions.


  11. BrianC Says:

    I should’ve also mentioned that there are some discussions on rooSwitch usage in the forums @:

    If any ZOTr’s want to add how they’re using rooSwitch it’d be appreciated.


  12. n0mmo Says:

    I thought I’d give this a try, and while playing with it and iphoto buddy (which I’ve been using for years) my vanished completely from my system… I wish I knew what ever became of the install disk. Grrr…..

    I’d say beware, but hell… this really could’ve been my fault…. kinda.
    I was trying to get rooswitch to take over the duties of iphoto buddy. This is what I did:
    I created an iphoto rooswitch.
    Created a blank profile to house my second iphoto library.
    Switched profiles via rooswitch.
    Switched profiles via iphoto buddy.

    At this point iphoto buddy asked me to locat, which I then realized was gone. ugh.

  13. BrianC Says:


    rooSwitch, by default, will not touch the .app files. I’ll take a peak at iPhoto buddy to see if there could be some confusion between the two.

    The other thing that *may* have happened was if you drag and drop the .app onto a profile (after you’ve already dropped it onto rooSwitch) it will add the file as a file to be switched with the profile. To see if you did this double click on the profile and see if is listed in that list. If it is, you can “reveal in finder” (via right click) and copy it out with Finder that way. I’ll add a todo to my list to add a warning if I see the user dropping the .app on a profile (sometimes this is desired, but I should warn).


  14. Jim Says:

    I’m another StoryZot purchaser of this. I love the idea behind this app but unfortunately have been too busy to attempt anything with it. While I can’t comment on the stability or easy useage of the app, if I didn’t already have it, I might have paid the $9.95 here even without testing it. The features are that intriguing to me. It looks to be a very powerful solution in many areas. Hoping I can make time to play with it this weekend.

  15. TommyW Says:

    It’s great…

  16. Dave Says:

    Also got this in the StoryZot. Here’s a little DarkTip: Create a new default profile on a demo app that only lets you evaluate for a certain duration of time…

  17. n0mmo Says:

    rooswitch doesn’t work on itself. :)