Sep 26

MemoryMiner Redux

Digital Storytelling Software

Retail price: $60.00
ZOT price: $24.95
– save $35 off the normal price.

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To see MemoryMiner in action, visit the video gallery for a series of Screen Movies:

To see an example story:

Winner of a Macworld 2006 Best of Show award, MemoryMiner is a Digital Storytelling application that is a fantastic compliment to the iLife suite. It lets you zero in on the stories depicted in your photos by linking them to each other based on people, places and time. Using simple drag and drop actions, you specify who is in the picture, where the picture was taken and when. You can then browse through your photo collections using a visual search filter which lets you filter by specific periods in a persons life, where people over lap, by places, or by time. MemoryMiner Best of Show

Memory Miner

MemoryMiner helps you get the most out of every effort you put into creating your libraries. For example, using portions or a full address or city/country, the application downloads maps from the web, and plots the location of a person’s photos on a world map. It uses the intersection of a photo’s date and the birth date of a person to create icons representing people at different stages of their life. It uses the selection markers you make to display your photos as slideshows using the famous “Ken Burns” pan and zoom effect.

Drag and drop audio, video, documents, or URLs from the Media Browser onto your photos and add text annotations to add depth and context to each photo. In this way, you get the very most out of your photos, particularly those rare photos from a generation or two ago.

You can then automatically publish your stories to the web (via .Mac or FTP): MemoryMiner creates a gorgeous interactive presentation using HTML and Flash.



No Responses to “MemoryMiner – Storytelling Software – Redux”

  1. erichd Says:

    I don’t suppose any of us who suggested this app last go-around have a shot at winning a free copy?

    What about those of us who mentioned this over at MDA?

    Oh, the hardship…. breakfast and coffee or Memories?

  2. pashazade Says:

    What exactly in MemoryMiner Redux and how different is it to MemoryMiner the full version? There is no Redux version available on the site. Can you confirm that the version that is available through MacZot is the same as the one available from the publisher?


  3. pashazade Says:

    Sorry, that should say ‘There is no Redux version available on the MemoryMiner site.’

  4. Mickeh Says:

    This looks like a great app for a great price.

  5. Richard Says:

    pashazade: If you look up the definition of redux (google “define:redux”) you’ll see that it means “brought back”. It’s not as one would guess, a reduced version of memory miner (I assument). So i’d say this is the ful version.

  6. brab Says:

    I’ve been looking at this for a while and found it too expensive. But at this price, I jumped on the occasion ;-)

  7. cheerful Says:

    Can today be my birthday? hehe. This is where we would love our BirthdayZot … …

  8. Dan Says:

    Look like an interesting program and a very good deal, but I am in a self-imposed “no buy” period until all prizes for CollaboZOT are given out…

    Has anyone here received a CollaboZOT prize?

  9. kevin Says:

    In theory it’s a great app and I’ve been following its development since the first launch. Unfortunately I never got it to work. I have a library of about 14k pictures in iPhoto 6 (they are all in a directory tree and linked in iPhoto 6) taken with various cameras.

    I tried importing the pictures and I got blank thumbnails completely white and a few, really few, thumbs showing up with no recognizable pattern. Roughly 98% are blanks and the ones that appear are probably the ones edited in iPhoto so that the picture (edited) exported by iPhoto really resides in the internal library.

    Unfortunately this makes the program useless to me and this is sad since it seems to be a very interesting concept at a very interesting price here in maczot.

  10. crapple Says:

    This is the Zot I’ve been waiting for…beautiful!!

  11. Mike Says:

    Anyone know if you can assign custom tags to the photos and then search/sort on those custom tags?

  12. bselack Says:

    Why is the Retail price listed as $60 when the registration is $45? MacZot inflation?

  13. Tony Jensen Says:

    I am amazed that they brought this back. This is a steal on a great piece of software. MemoryMiner is feature-rich and does some really cool things. Check out the MemoryMiner web site for some examples. The Flash-based story-telling engine is a must see. Life stage icons, generic dates, powerful filtering, integration with iPhoto and Address Book, GEDCOM importing, KML importing and much more.

    Disclosure: I am affiliated with MemoryMiner and was paid to do QA and to help create the manual.

    @Dan: Believe it or not, I have received an email stating that I have a CollaboZOT prize waiting for me. It was a long wait but well worth it in my opinion. If you click on my name on this post, you will be brought to a forum post describing what I received. And by the way, may I suggest lifting the “no buy” period just for today? I believe you will be glad that you did.

  14. Rylin Says:

    So, I officially hate myself.
    I splunked down another $25 on MacZOT.
    To be fair though, MemoryMiner looks to be an awesome piece of software, and it equates to lunch for two or three days.. So why not take the plunge? ;-)

    The really interesting (to me) part is being able to use the generated (via FTP upload) xml file and doing a custom frontend for the viewer.

    Looks like I’ve finally got something to do during the weekends! :)

  15. Jean-Francois Says:

    @Dan: Same here. I’m not buying anything until all promises are fullfiled. CollaboZot, Zotgeist, etc…

    @Tony: WAIT WAIT WAIT! I’m on a winning team too (MH-Zeta) and I did NEVER receive any emails with any prizes at all! You lucky man, 3 free softwares from Unsanity is a great gift!

    @Zot: Any chances I’ll receive some of the promised prizes soon?

  16. Barrie Selack Says:

    Why is the price listed as $60 when it’s $45 on the MemoryMiner web site. MacZot inflation?

  17. Barrie Selack Says:

    Nevermind.. I see they have a coupon there for $15 off through September 30th. Sorry…

  18. Joel Heflin Says:

    No way I am gonna pay that much for something I’ll hardly use. Sorry maczot. Seems like you are on a losing streak with me. I’m sure you will come up with something good for me to buy before long.

  19. consumer_q Says:

    I may pick this up this time around since IPTC data is now supported. I will have to download the demo to see how well it imports and assigns the relevent metadata, however.

    One thing I am unsure about is whether this application is single-user centric.
    From the videos on the website, a user assigns titles for familial relations; for example, Susan Smith is “mother”, Ken Smith is “father”, George Smith is “son”. If my son opened up the application, can he set it so that things are from his perspective, with him seeing my father as “grandfather” – assuming relationships are properly labeled?

    Similarily, if I export a databse file and give it to another family member who also uses MemoryMiner, can she import the information and then see it from her perspective?

  20. Mitch Says:

    Dang it MZot – I’m getting mad that you keep finding apps that sound cool – my money’s gone again. I missed out on the deal yesterday because i went to bed and forgot to buy (boohoo).

  21. John Fox Says:

    Hi CQ:

    When you set relationships in the application, you are connecting one person to the person that is currently logged in. If you give your library to someone else (something that is now easy to do since version 1.1′s ability to create self-contained libraries), when they open the library, they can then add aditional connections.

    The database model is such that you can set multiple relationships between people, but the UI doesn’t currently let you arbitrarily connect people. There have been several requests to do this, and we are looking into how to do this for a future version (along with many many other requests, our own list of planned new features, and of course bug fixes as required).

    In the meantime, please keep in mind that the relationships are mostly for informational purposes. MemoryMiner is not a genealogy program (there are some really nice applications for this, and we can import GEDCOM files).

    Please also know, that we really value feedback from customers. We’ve had lots of great suggestions from users, and we do our best to implement as many of the best ideas as we can.

    Finally, concerning upgrades (which has been asked a lot in email). Upgrades within a major version (e.g. 1.0 –> 1.1) are always free, and in fact we use the excellant “Sparkle” upgrade mechanism to distribute these upgrades. Upgrades from one major version to another (e.g. 1.x –> 2.0) will have a fee, but it will be modest.

    Best regards,


  22. louis Says:

    Bought this one after seeing the demo page. Very neat application.

  23. erichd Says:


    I was on MH-Zeta also, and we received our emails about a month ago … we won a license for Color Schemer Pro.

    You should contact MacZot by email and over on their “support” thread.

    Post in Tony’s thread over on Mac-Headz if you are still having trouble.