Sep 25


It’s not a SpellChecker!

It’s a Massive Time Saver

Normally: $29.95
ZOT price: $19.95

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"Very impressive. Amazing program. I had no idea how much I was missing relying only on Keychain."

Do you use the same 4 passwords because they’re too hard to remember?

You can stop risking your security today!

You’ve never seen anything like "1Passwd"! It’s like Keychain on steroids and it makes all other password managers obsolete.

Want more info?

watch the video

review the screen shots

and read the feature list


What 1Passwd fans are saying:

"A form and password filler for your Mac that is a God-send."

"1passwd has become one of the applications I use on a daily basis! Very best regards and thanks for providing such a great application for the Mac world."

"I have tried several password managers and of them all, 1Passwd is a real gem."

"This program of yours makes using the web a FAR nicer experience and I’m really glad I noticed it on the OSX downloads site. 1Passwd beautifully addresses a real need in this passworded age."

What makes 1Passwd different?

  • One-of-a-kind password manager that works inside your browser.
  • Only password manager that uses the built-in OS X keychain.
  • AutoFill done right. Signup to websites with a single click; credit cards too!
  • Easily sync passwords and saved forms across multiple browsers and machines. You can do all this with just one license!
  • Use with Safari, Firefox, Camino, and Flock too.
  • Only password manager that protects you from phishing and keylogger attacks.
  • Invisible password generator is the most secure and unobtrusive way to generate and store strong passwords.


Go ahead and get it!

You’ll soon agree that it is the only password manager that saves you time while securing your online activity.

AND, it’s got a 100% MacZOT-moneyback- guarantee!

Use it for 365 days and if you don’t save at least $20 worth of your time, you can ask for a full refund.

You can also try the free trial risk-free before you buy.

27 Responses to “1Passwd – Save Time, and More Time”

  1. Dave Says:


    Yesterday’s $20 and now today’s $20.

    I’m losing money here. :)

    Getting good software though.

  2. Mickeh Says:

    “Use it for 365 days and if you don’t save at least $20 worth of your time, you can ask for a full refund.”

    Ooh! Sounds good…

  3. adin Says:

    This is app is really nice, though a little “young” in features….but it’s growing up *fast* with constant growth of useful features.

    I’m one of the submitters of this app during the suggest-a-zot (and before) as a user of 1password since it was a baby beta. :)

    I highly recommend this app, not the least for its ability to give Firefox the ability to get at passwords stored in the keychain. (import from safari into 1password, presto! FF & Camino can use all the passwords!)


  4. adin Says:

    Dare I ask the identity of the “winner” for suggesting this app? I know that I was bugging Brian to get this on Maczot for it’s 1.0 release a while back….:)

  5. DaveA Says:

    As a long time windows user who recently swiched to a Mac the one thing I really missed RoboForm. This great program takes care of that and I couln’t be happier.

  6. Greenie Says:

    I am not impressed :-(

    tried this program but I guess it only works on forms with english identifiers? I am using German webforms many times (tried it out on four or five different ones) and all it did was to include the Email and either first or second name. Not at all worth the money at the moment, imho.

  7. Eric Says:

    Sweet!!! I downloaded this a couple days back, and today I was gona buy a license! MacZot – you read my mind. What a great way to start the day. And yes, this is a great .app.

  8. ScottJL Says:

    i tried this a few weeks ago.. was kinda buggy for me. :-( but might have been intefering with other extensions (firefox) and bundles (safari) i had installed. couldn’t end up using this one. sorry.

  9. gryphonent Says:

    I think the claim this password manager is the ONLY solution to work with the keychain manager is not correct. I’m not sure which app does the job for me, but I’ve got Saft and Web Confidential installed and my logins/passwords are all stored whenever I access a site through my browser. So, nah… I’ll pass on this one.

  10. Gary R. Green Says:

    Yes, please list the identity of the “winner” for suggesting this app (1Passwd) so we know whether to purchase today.

  11. Jefe Says:

    Well Safari alone is able to use keychain for passwords, so it may not be your plug-ins at all. I think the point of this app is better security and ease of use. You don’t have to remember what your usernames are if you have multiple logins for one site.

  12. Greenie Says:

    I think one of the key features in an app like that would be the autofill of “new” forms. At least for me. But as it seems, that does not seem to work on German forms. Maybe it does on English one only, who knows, but that doesn’t help me much.

  13. F451 Says:

    I just purchased a Family license yesterday! Anyway, it is a great app, with very helpful Developer’s. Beyond all that—I love it, and this app is definitely going somewhere!

  14. Greenie Says:

    One other note, regarding the maczot-site in general:

    it would be great if you’d offer a link to the specific files-site on This would make it easier to find out more about the program (especially regarding user-comments) in case you don’t know an app at all or want to hear what others have to say about it.

  15. F451 Says:

    Developer’s = Developers. Whooops…no coffee yet.

  16. Aric Says:

    It is a good product. I bought it a while ago with the 20% discount offered through I wished I’d waited, though the 20% discount offer is good for quite a while I believe, so if you miss this deal go over to SCO and watch the 1passwd screencast to learn more about it and get the discount code.

    It is very handy, though not perfect. For example in Camino 1passwd offers to import the Safari passwords (and doesn’t do so), rather than offering to import the Camino or at least Firefox passwords.

    Given some time this app will be quite something.

  17. Jamie Tibbetts Says:

    I emailed Roustem (the developer) to find out what the limitations were on the free version. It’s limited to 12 forms and 1 identity. So if you’re like me and you’re going to hit that ceiling pretty quickly, it’s definitely worth it to buy the full version while it’s only $20 instead of $30.

  18. Alex Says:

    This looks like a great application, and I would buy it except… I use OmniWeb.

    I just looked at their forums and they look like they are considering this feature for 1.6, but I don’t think I can justify purchasing it for a feature that may be upcoming.

    Good ZOT though.

  19. macfevre Says:

    Do you remember which episode of ScreenCastsOnline that Don talked about this app? I don’t seem to find it?

  20. Minezamac Says:

    Downloaded it, tried it, hit the 13th website/form and hit the demo limit. Came here and bought it ;)

    Hopefully the developer will be quick with the keys, I think I’m going to like this app.

  21. bluloo Says:

    Viewed the demo movie and made a purchase. Looks like a great app.

    Nice Zot


  22. Jim Says:

    If this is anything like Roboform for Windows, it’s gotta be good. Roboform for Windows is awesome.

    For my needs though I need such an app that works for Windows and Mac. I’ve put in requests for Roboform to do a Mac version but they responded with the usual “We have no plans for a Mac version.” Maybe this developer can do a Windows version for us crossplatform folks. With Bootcamp there might be a nice opportunity for something like this.

  23. ZOT Says:

    Oh, Today’s Winner from Suggest-A-ZOT is:

    Nolan Touchstone

  24. erichd Says:

    just used Safari’s built-in autofill to refill this form and say this:

    LOOKS like an awesome app!
    Too rich for me at the moment, but how does the securtiy in this stack up against that in Data Guardian?

    1passwrd is great for browers, but what about other forms and apps? I’m thinking here baout adium, ichat, vienna, etc. …. not tjat those are critical, but you know, for more than 10 clams, I gotta really scrutinize the product.

    and does it export securely to my Plam handlheld?

  25. Mari Ann Lisenbe Says:

    Sorry, iPassword does not compare to Roboform! I’ve been using it for over a month now and am very disappointedl

    Roboform is able to identify the page and fill in the password about 99% of the time. I’d say iPassword does it 70% of the time, at best.

    iPassword has a LONG way to go before it can be compared to Roboform.

  26. Blog Says:

    This is app is really nice, though a little “young” in features….but it’s growing up *fast* with constant growth of useful features.

  27. Teenburg Says:

    1passwd for mac and Roboform for windows very good tools!