Sep 16


\ ZOT " Geist \, n.
[ ZOT - mac fun + geist - spirit. ] The spirit of Mac fun; the general intellectual
state of right now; on your mac of course.

This quick update reveals that your entry into this Tasty Twenty Five Mystery brings you further into the world of ZOT! A current, rewarding, spirit of the Mac; a look from the inside.

"Further into the ZOT?" you ask? "I thought I was already into the ZOT."

Truly, you were. And now, the Tasty Twenty Five brings you ZOTGEIST! – one step further into the world of ZOT. A place where your power is increased. One that is open with options; inclusive while exclusive.

Apps? Of course.. but more!

ZOTGEIST! is a community where the vision follows the voice and input is YOUR investment.

You’ve made a great choice. One in which you will be proud. One day you will say, "I was there!" – and you will smile.

Team MacZOT!

93 Responses to “ZOTGEIST?”

  1. Eugene Cook Says:

    This is honestly getting kind of annoying.

    The novelty wore off long ago. I thought that the adopters were going to be kept abreast, and I have received nary a notice in any regard.

  2. Curt Says:

    Well – looks like a frequent flyers, errr, buyers club.

  3. the valrus Says:

    mel•o•dra•ma•tic (adj.) characteristic of melodrama, esp. in being exaggerated, sensationalized, or overemotional

  4. prime Says:

    Is it me or does macZOT seem to remind us way to much about how the purchase we just made was a good one. Enough with the back scratching, and please tell us what we purchased. :)

  5. AlohaBob Says:

    Ok guys, let’s give them a little leeway. I was expecting one of those “super secret” communiques by now though.

    You pays your money and you takes your chance.

    I was upset with that slack rss ticker and text editor but everything other mysteryzot has been well worth it.

    Truthfully, I was hesitant about gambling $25 but I am surprised at how many people are 1) complaining about the price and 2) saying this better be worth it or they’ll never be back.

  6. Josh Says:

    So glad I didn’t blow $25 on this one…

  7. Joe Says:

    The only thing still keeping my interest is my $25.

  8. Tom Burns Says:

    You could’ve at least gotten something up on before cockblocking us again :-)

    Anxiously awaiting real answers to where my $25 went…

  9. brandon Says:

    Yeah same here, to be honest. I really wanted to like the mystery, but bad writing kills everything. Hire someone with experience in writing copy, please.

  10. unqtom Says:

    I think it’s too much of drama-waiting and not enough information after 2 days for a 25$ donation. Someone is taking a big risk here with ZOT!community base.
    It’s not a 5$ mystery to keep people anxious for sooo long, with such commitment it’s getting annoying. I am getting concerned like i never was about MacZOT!.

  11. Sturek Says:

    I’m not really concerned. We knew this could take a long time and that there’d be little to no info on what this really is. I didn’t think the “once your in you get info” part meant once you paiid, once it’s finished and your really in ZOTGEIST, than you’ll get info. All we can do is wait. Once it’s out and you don’t like it, start complaining.
    I like the way this is carried out, if it really s useful/fun/good investement, I’m more than happy. The only thing I am concerned about is that it is limited. Who gets to be in ? I’ll just wait and ave a nice weekend ;) ZOT is not going to disappoint us. (Yeah I’m one of those still lacking Appzapper and with only one xPAd ;) )

  12. Cameron Says:

    This had better be different than the MacZot buyers clubs I’m supposedly a member of for buying the 1 cent bundle.

  13. Erichd Says:

    On another note, for those of you who didn’t get in ont he Disco pre-order thingy when it was here,
    go to

    and then blog about it! only a few spots left, it seems…. whjy Zot hasn’t said anything about it, is kind of odd.

    Oh, and I’m making myself stick to sithgter budget. A good portion of the apps I’ve bought I’ve ended up not using quite as often as I thought I might. Fewer purchases on apps i know I want 9and can afford) — that’s my rule until I click submit.

  14. mybagofjems Says:

    I’m ready to pee in my pants now. I can’t stand the suspense.

  15. gryphonent Says:

    Why do I associate Geist/Ghost with the apparition of a dead application or some nebulous image? So, I gather there will be an elite society among Zotters soon? Oh well, I enjoyed the community while it lasted… but I guess it is in the nature of human beings to establish hierarchies and exclusive clubs and the like. I guess we’ll all know more by tomorrow.

  16. shirley Says:

    >>ZOTGEIST! is a community where the vision follows the voice and input is YOUR investment.

    That’s it?

  17. Kajtus Says:

    It’s actually insulting. Haven’t I invested enough in maczot? You’re making up a club? (Again?!) Why not enroll everyone who purchased a certain number of mysteries and/or regular apps? It’s ridiculous. Any why should one guess what would the membership entail? By their past promises and failure to deliver thereof, I have no basis to believe anything of enduring value would come out of this club. It all looks like more big melodramatic words, and little action.
    Maczot, you’ll have to work pretty hard to regain my trust.

  18. Tim Says:

    This better be good and not being a paid membership of some club alone. Right now I’m at the point where I’m loosing the fun and excitement and gaining irritation and a feeling that I’ve really just thrown away my $25. I’m also still waiting for a month now for some Disco (beta) action. I’m confident I’m going to like that one but it also takes too long. I’m afraid this is going to be my last Zot.

  19. tripdragon Says:

    yawn (yôn)
    8. Also, yawner. Informal. something so boring as to make one yawn: Critics say the new fashions are one big yawn.

  20. Mike Says:

    So … you’re paying $25 for … a special zot club where you get to give input?

    Isn’t that what we are doing right now, but for free?

    If this ‘exclusive club’ gets different software offered every day it will kill this site. At the very least it will split the community that has started to grow here, even if the software is the same.

  21. Tim Says:

    What’s up? My comment is removed? No dirty words or name calling, just criticism is enough to get moderated away? If this is the case than now I know for sure this was my last Zot.

  22. Joel Heflin Says:

    I’m more than a little worried, but I am really hoping they will come through for us cause $25 is way too much just to be a part of some club.

  23. ziv Says:

    a secret society?
    Give me a brake… I just got to maczot and talked about it to so many people… seems I have to hit the phone again and call them back to chill them down

  24. Fonzi Says:

    Where is the sense to speculate and then complain about the implications the speculation might have if it came true?
    While I agree that the last paragraph Zot’s text (“you will be informed…”) was potentially misleading, it’s a weekend ZOT and what do you expect? Info on Monday…

    I am eager to read more about MacZOT’s broken promises Kajtus seems to write about. I am pretty new here, but if it’s so bad, why do so many put 25$ in this mystery? Please tell me what went wrong in the past so I can better judge this site and in particular these SpecialZOTS.

  25. kugino Says:

    whine whine whine. geez, some people act as though $25 is an invitation to whine all you want. get over it.

  26. F451 Says:

    I found MacZOT through Unsanity (who’s team I respect greatly). MacZOT never solicited me, I came and purchased the ZOTs that were the most appealing to me. To date I’ve not been burned, lied to , or taken advantage of in any of the ZOT purchases. MacZOT has not twisted the arm of people to join in this ZOT. To me it is “the road less traveled.” Enjoy it while you can…

    I often wonder how the Developer(s) who participates in ZOTs feels when they read some of the comments; especially the bad ones.

  27. Callandor Says:

    Argh, Can’t take the temptation any longer… hell, I’ll just starve for a bit…thinking about those oh so sizzling steaks…


  28. flec65 Says:

    Again, TUAW posted some info about the ZotGeist :
    - Early info on upcoming Zots
    - Special deals available only to ZotGeist members
    - One free Zot per year on a special day
    - Some other really cool perks that I unfortunately can’t disclose, but are certainly worth the 25 bucks.

  29. irulan Says:

    Well said F451. Although I was occasionally disppointed with the results and especially in the more recent past MacZOT sometimes keeps you waiting for just that tad too long, I cannot say that the value I recieved in return was anything but excellent. Especially these mystery things are a gamble – except that you cannot lose big time. I don’t see the point to brag about every little detail. No one forces you to purchase any ZOT and it’s not like anyone is lying to get you to purchase.

    Keep up the good work ZOT, although you should become a little more transparent. But in the end, everyone sticks with Apple and their super secret announcements, I guess that’s why we all stick around MacZOT as well. The excitement and excellence are just too tempting. And most people who whine just had exaggerated expectations beforehand.

    I’m really on the edge on what this ZOT will get me since it’s the most expensive one I bought to date.

  30. flec65 Says:

    Also, note the MacZot “vote” icon in the TUAW ZotGeist Perks. Might be interesting…

  31. Dean Says:

    It’s (almost) official, the $25 guys have joined a club:

  32. Gareth Says:

    TUAW’s “sooper seekrit source” at MacZOT has revealed a few things about ZOTGEIST.

  33. Sturek Says:

    Seems like TUAW spilled a few beans again.
    I like the free ZOT (of course) and early info is nice too, nothing really worth 25 $ though. Esp. not if we have to pay 25$ each year to stay in. BUT there still is more and now I have NO idea what that might be.
    We will see tomorrow. Oh and btw, the Disco posts are really hyping me up :D

  34. harringg Says:

    Let’s try again. I posted earlier today and don’t see my post. Hopefully it wasn’t censored. If people were promised to be in a buyers club on the 1 cent Zot, that should be honored. I can understand the frustration. A person paid for a promised product (in this case “membership” to a ZOT buyers club) then to not hear anything I can understand the frustration. At least with this one, you are told upfront you won’t know anything until they decide to tell you. I want my buyers club membership, as sold and paid for. :-)

    Unless…. The simple fact that I bought a product put me in this club.
    A burger at McDonalds: A memeber of a semi-elite club of McDonalds food buyers.
    A car at an auto dealer: A memeber of a semi-elite club of auto buyers.
    My home: A memeber of a semi-elite club of home buyers.
    My local grocery store: A memeber of a semi-elite club of food buyers.

    Which is it?

  35. Joel Heflin Says:

    I found this over at

    Scoop: ZotGeist Perks
    Posted Sep 17th 2006 4:06PM by Dan Lurie

    Filed under: Software
    Just a quick note on this lazy Sunday. My sooper seekrit source over at MacZot gave me the scoop on all the perks members of the exclusive ZotGeist program will get during their year of membership.

    - Early info on upcoming Zots
    - Special deals available only to ZotGeist members
    - One free Zot per year on a special day
    - Some other really cool perks that I unfortunately can’t disclose, but are certainly worth the 25 bucks.

  36. Blender Says:

    Check out this post at TUAW:

    Sounds pretty cool to me.

  37. SoftwareJunkie Says:

    A membership.

    I’m underwhelmed.

  38. Fonzi Says:

    See, as soon as something leaks through (or is borught up by the rumour mill), it is posted here. I can fully understand that MacZOT just could not release any info right after the purchase. It would kill their whole concept.
    Nevertheless, thanks for your post, Joel. :)

    I bought the 1cent-Mystery and did never get the impression about some club. Which official statement are people talking about?

    So far I was not disappointed with MacZot, I just feared – because of several comments – I was too fresh to know.

    If you enter a MysteryZOT, you should expect a certain chance of disappointment, don’t you? It’s the very nature of this gamble. Nobody forces you to buy it.

    I can’t wait to learn what this ZotGeist-thing is! I hope it will be online when I wake up (in Germany).

  39. Dan Says:

    Just woke up (in China)…

  40. Joel Heflin Says:

    I can’t wait till I can wake up again in China. I’ve been twice and I hope to move there.

  41. Joel Heflin Says:

    I can’t wait till I can wake up again in China. I’ve been twice and I hope to move there.

  42. harringg Says:

    >I bought the 1cent-Mystery and did never get the impression about some club. Which official statement are people talking about?

    From MacZOT’s announcment of the 1 Cent Mystery ZOT
    August 25, 2006 at 12:04 am · Filed under

    One more thing. This 1 cent blog gets you… membership into the MacZOT buyers club. It’s a semi-elite group of people who love their machines

    That’s what I was referring to and I “think” others on the list where. Maybe we are reading it wrong, maybe MacZOT could clarify?

  43. Joel Heflin Says:

    I took that as obviously a joke. “semi-elite”???? “buyers club”??? Semi-elite is not elite at all and anyone who has bought anything is a buyer.

    I don’t know why people are crying so much.

  44. Minezamac Says:

    I for one kind of like the mystery zots, I enjoy the anticipation, although I too epected some communication, even a tickler after diving in. I hope it is not simply a membership, i have plenty of those and I do fear it might fragment the benifit the site currently enjoys, a visit a day from a ton of folks. If anything I have wondered why there was no advertisement for something, we all come here daily sometimes multiple times to read one of these comments and I appreciate his not becomeing a hog and placing a ton of banner ads. So Zot, if I can call you that, throw us a bone, don’t make it a simple membership, I was dreaming of deliceous Library, and have been waiting for it to surface, resurface (if it has been here I am a 4 or 5 purchase newbie) or perhaps a prepay for xtorrent (hint hint). Anyway, as long as I hear from you on Monday I’m good, if not, well I’ll just wait as will the others, you have a pretty good thing going here.

  45. Brandon Wardlaw Says:

    This better have some killer perks, because at the moment, I’m hoping that the MacZot folks die in a fire, along with the scammers over at Valleyschwag.

  46. Joel Heflin Says:

    ouch, that is harsh!


  47. harringg Says:

    [Wiping tears away. :-) ] My last comment on this. You are probably right, every purchase made anywhere entitles you rights to a buyers club, it’s just when you are doing so, they don’t go out of the way to tell you. I’m new to MacZOT and wasn’t aware of the implied humor. I apologize for reading that in it’s literal sense, as others may have as well.

    Now only if I had my $3.65 back, I was going to become a member of the Super-Duper Semi-Elite buying-spending club at and those hopes and dreams are dashed because I gave my $3.65 to MacZOT under false pretenses. Warning! No Super-Duper Semi-Elite buying-spending club exists, buy at your own risk! And oh yeah, it’s a joke.

  48. Joel Heflin Says:

    LOL, good one! I hope my earlier comment didn’t sound too harsh.

    I do think others took certain things very literal and that has resulted in a few people being unhappy with maczot.

  49. Brandon Wardlaw Says:

    I don’t think I was being too harsh. I honestly expected to see some sort of software up front.

    Now, if tomorrow morning, I get an e-mail that says, “Hey, in addition to the Zotgeist stuff, you get this app!”, I’ll be happy. But I certainly didn’t hope to be buying into the digital version of CostCo, which is what it looks like I’ve done, at the moment.

    Perhaps MacZot undersold some previous Zots, and needed quick money to pay some angry developers?

  50. evariste Says:

    I’m kind of annoyed, but I’ll wait and see what they tell us tomorrow. I wanted to buy software, not some weird membership of nebulous and ill-defined worth.

  51. Erichd Says:

    At this point, I may very well remove TUAW from my RSS reader.

    If the club gets “special deals,” do the rest of us have to start paying retail?

    What perks could be worth $25? And even if they have that worth to the TUAW guy, why would they be valuable to me? If he’ll lend me the $25, I’ll buy in.

    his word – his money.

  52. Thorsten von Plotho-Kettner Says:

    Woke up at 5 a.m. here in Germany, at 9:00 (ZotTime?) I am @ work …. so coming home at 2 p.m. or so I hope to have some dropped mail in my box….. please :)

  53. dan Says:

    annoying. Zot’s sight-unseen thing is cool, and I’ve bitten a few times, but the outlay is low for those. IMHO, this is just over the edge. And all this “pay now, and wonders await behind the curtain” seems like an old-time carnival barker – and there wasn’t often much wonderful in store after you paid those guys.

    I guess if folks go for it, that’s fine. Maybe, with MacUpdate now offering similar deals – without a lot of nonsense – MacZot is trying to diffentiate itself by being fun and silly. It doesn’t work for me.

  54. kodac Says:

    I just have 2 things to say -

    1- That latest screenshot of Disco looks really great. I can’t wait to test it.

    2- Why are soo many people posting the same thing about TUAW?

  55. Gareth Says:

    “Why are soo many people posting the same thing about TUAW?”

    MacZOT’s comment system is screwed up, comments take ages to show up. Hence everyone who posted it thought they were the first.

  56. kurzz Says:

    If this is really a club of sorts with discounts, I’m SO glad I didn’t bite this one. I hate having to pay upfront for memberships that promise that you’ll save money for buying even more things at a lower price.

  57. Jason Says:

    Looks like the waiting will soon be over folks.
    “QuadraZOT – Pick 4 great Mac Apps – $25.00″
    “(app list coming soon)”

    Hmm. Sounds good to me so far.

  58. Jason Says:

    On the QuadraZOT thing …
    Now that I think about it, in light of the ZOTGEIST announcement, does QuadraZOT have anything to do with the $25.00 we spent last week? Or is this a new $25.00 deal?

    If it is another deal – Arg! There goes another $25.00!

  59. Sturek Says:

    err… did we buy the quadra zot ?
    I don’t think so, but iff there are a few nice apps, that’s a very cool ZOT.
    But why can’t I buy ? and what’s with ZOTGEIST ? I guess I should wait till it’s morning over there :/

  60. sangsara Says:

    yeah this better be the same thing as the quadrazot! it sounds great, i’d take 4 apps of my choosing over some buyer’s club any day.

  61. my2centshere Says:

    if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. to me it is just as maczot said. if you can’t handle the waiting just go out there and get what you want. stop complaining!

  62. adinb Says:

    Hmmm, at least Brian Ball owns the domain (though .net, .org, etc are still free…), so there’s a small piece of corroborating evidence.

    I’ll be a little underwhelmed at a MacZot Costco membership as well. Not cheated….yet.

  63. Ric Says:

    As always I’m confused. Is that $25 QuadraZot a coincidence or did we just buy four apps of our choosing? How does it relate to the TUAW article? Guess we’ll find out sometime in the next 24.

  64. LKM Says:

    I hope we bought the QuadraZot. I don’t want to pay yet another 25 bucks…

  65. ad Says:

    Yes, i hope so too.

  66. Mickegh Says:

    Phew, lucky I didn’t buy this one…

    It might look good but I am not sure, I bought that thing before, am I still in it?


  67. Cameron Says:

    Of course that’s what we bought. My question is, will I regret only buying it only once. Damn you macZOT, first I wonder if I should have bought it, now I wonder if once was enough.

  68. Erichd Says:

    Well, wait,

    the people who bought into the Zeit Geist thingy were supposed to be only ones informed about it…since we all know about QuadraZot, that can’t be it!
    can it?
    (head explodes)

  69. Dari Says:

    This is the only website that can confuse its entire fanbase whenever it does anything.

    ZOT!, throw yourselves a “We were vague again!” party and weird guys like me will revel in these moments and laugh at everyone else. ;)

  70. oliver Says:

    can the $25 mysteryZOT be better than the quadrazot? $25 for 4 apps of our choosing sounds pretty good…but then again, they’re supplying the list…and maybe there will be 6 apps to choose from – appzapper, etc. the usual suspects. oh well…

  71. SG1 Says:

    I don’t mind paying hthe $25 bucks, since i know it was a chance, and you don’t invest $25 unless your prepared to be disappointed, it’s like gambling, don’t gamble unless you can afford to lose.

    What i am annoyed about is the total lack of communications that was promised, so much for being informed all the way, this is what is most disappointing about this Zot, leading people to invest $25 with the promise of constant updates and then nothing, instead we have to hear news from third-party sites like TUAW

  72. pashazade Says:

    I don’t know what this is going to be but on past experience I am prepared to be disappointed. The TUAW teaser that MacZOT has released appears to be a way to prepare people for what is coming.

    If it is as described in the TUAW articlen then it will be the final straw for me with MacZOT and I will delete my bookmark and RSS link.

  73. Fonzi Says:

    NOTE: If you purchased the Tasty TwentyFive bundle, you receive this QuadraZOT as part of your package. Only buy again if you’re buying for somebody else.

    (from the QuadraZOT text)

    Not a bad deal at all, or is it? And there seems to be more to be revealed later on.

  74. Jean-Francois Says:

    “NOTE: If you purchased the Tasty TwentyFive bundle, you receive this QuadraZOT as part of your package. Only buy again if you’re buying for somebody else.”

    Well I think that sums it all. If we bought the last 25$ deal, we get this QuadraZot deal plus other things no revealed yet…

  75. pashazade Says:

    OK, so we get todays QuadraZot + the membership. That’s better than expected (depends what the Apps are – just how many AppZapper licences can one man have!)

    The membership stuff I’m not interested in, just too much fuss.

  76. Brandon Wardlaw Says:

    I take back my previous comments. Looks like this really is a killer deal.

    Next time, more communication would be nice. But I think MacZot has redeemed itself.

  77. Thorsten von Plotho-Kettner Says:

    Just for me :) I am in the ZotGeist, I can take 4 the QuadraZot-Apps for my 25$ and the club-benefits ….. but, if I do not take 4 apps now, do I have the choice of other ones? :D

  78. Eugene Cook Says:

    I don’t understand…is the full list available on today’s quadrazot list? If so, its a little anemic…but how do we order it?

  79. Thorsten von Plotho-Kettner Says:

    As I think we get some ability tomorrwo after the Quadra ends up. Right?

  80. mbazzoni Says:

    Just looked at the e-mail. Thanks MacZOT! I am happy to be part of ZOTGEIST! and look forward to all the new things you have for us.

  81. smokeyghetto Says:

    According to the email today about the Zotgeist, there will be other choices other than the QuadraZot.

    I own all but one of these apps and I bought them here. I hope they didnt ask us for twenty-five dollars and expect us to feel good about being offered the same stuff we recently bought.

    There are so many great peices of software out there that we would love to own, yet we are being offered many repeats in what would seem to many as blind auctions.

    I truly hope that the choices or software that they off for Zotgeist will be unique.

    I dont want to think I just fired off $25 bucks for the same old stuff.

  82. jeroendendunnen Says:

    Great Stuff!!!!

  83. Fonzi Says:

    I have enough trust in MacZOT and the Mac developers to believe that ZOTGeist will offer enough opportunities to get cool software at good prices, even more than now.

    I also fail to understand the critics when they complain about QuadraZOT. It’s a very good deal. Okay, you might not find 4 Apps you would have bought, but then again isn’t this the case with other MysteryZOTs as well? It’s a gamble… with the chance of a huge discount.
    But many apps prove to be useful after a while, too!
    For example, I would never have bought Hawkeye, for lack of use, but now that I saw how cool that app is, I already used it for two little projects.
    Earth Desk was not on my mind either because there is a freeware program for that, too. But now, having tested Earth Desk, I must say it is much better and prettier and worth its money. Same with DataGuardian. my thinking was built-in Keychain Access is enough and indeed it shares many features. But DataGuardian is so much more powerful. I would say you can compare it to Path Finder vs. the Finder. And you know which a power user prefers…
    etc. pp.

    I am happy with what this deal.

  84. Mark Says:

    Yeah, I’m starting to think Earth desk is cool. DG I can leave – I have web confidential with the Palm version too.

    As for the Birthday Zot … is that already part of the Zotgeist deal? If so I need a fourth choice!

  85. evariste Says:

    All right, that wasn’t so bad.

  86. Dave Says:

    Can someone post the email here?

    I haven’t gotten it yet.

  87. Sandy W. Says:

    Dave said,
    September 18, 2006 @ 3:56 pm

    Can someone post the email here?

    I haven’t gotten it yet.


    Hope I don’t get in trouble for this, Dave, but heres the email:
    Congratulations on the Tasty TwentyFive partcipation.

    We consider you the bravest of the brave when it comes to investing discretionary Mac-Dollars here at MacZOT.

    Welcome to the ZOTGEIST! ?

    We decided that besides just giving you a choice of 4 apps that you hopefully don’t have yet, we’re going to create an added value membership for the next 12 months.

    The added value is something we’ll deliver periodically. You’ll have special access and participation in a piece of the MacZOT community that is influential to the direction of some of our bigger ideas.

    So, don’t buy today’s QuadraZOT unless you want it for a gift. Your Tasty TwentyFIVE purchase includes that as part of the value.

    Here are just some of the ideas we are designing implementation for in the ZOTGEIST that you’re now part of.

    Monthly Contests
    Exclusive Private Offers
    Special Events
    Preview Opportunities
    We’re a small team trying to have big ideas. So, if you have any ideas on how we can create extra value for you, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

  88. Dave Says:

    Thanks Sandy W.

    You know, it seems 90% of the problems and complaints about this site have to do with a lack of communication and poor explanations.

  89. smokeyghetto Says:


    here is a universal Maczot explanation:

    [Give us some money and we will give you some software.]

    Like going to Starbucks and giving them five bucks and saying suprise me.
    Or- 25 bucks and they will suprise you for a whole week until the next hairbrained idea trumps the last.

    Oh well, its fun to wake up and check the feed.

  90. ZOT Says:

    ZOTGEIST Members, If you haven’t already registered for your QuadraZOT applications, please do so at

    Thanks for your patience on these big projects we are willing to take on.


  91. Desker Says:

    I’m still waiting for the registration on one of the items I selected. My patience is beginning to wear extremly thin.

    And, like others, I downloaded Pizziz for free today, so I’m glad I didn’t select that. No more blind items for me.

  92. Rick Baskett Says:

    Actually there are a couple of things you’re missing in your post.

    1. There are other perks with the Zotgeist that are not in the Quadrazot. One thing you do have right is that I haven’t seen what those other things are yet, but hopefully we will see that.

    2. Pzizz is free with the energy module and what you got with the quadra or zotgeist was the sleep module, not Pzizz or the energy module

  93. Matthew Fitzsimmons Says:

    I’ve got everything except the File Chute license so far. I didn’t get the Mail Templates license until yesterday. What’s up with this?