Jul 30
Mail Factory Home Edition

MailFactory Home Edition

Retail price: $19.95
ZOT price: $14.95

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Still writing addresses for your mailings by hand? It’s time-taking, inaccurate and not professional. And it can turn a nightmare if your mailing list is large. We know a better way.

Mail Factory is an office tool for designing and printing envelopes, postcards, address and shipping labels on your Macintosh. It’s flexible, intuitive, comes with ready-made designs, and gracefully automates correspondence.

Mail Factory Home Edition is specially designed for home users. It is great for small quantities of letters and what is more important that it saves you money on those advanced features, which you may never need. It doesn’t feature mail merge functionality and supports less address sources. But if these are critical for you, you can always upgrade to the full version at developer’s site.

Mail Factory Home Edition helps to:

  • Send a greeting to your friends and relatives.
  • Design special event postcards.
  • Decorate your mailings with a special look.
  • Prepare party invitations.
  • Avoid that chicken scratch you call your handwriting.
  • Don’t waste envelopes anymore when preparing your correspondence.

No Responses to “MailFactory Home Edition”

  1. Mickeh Says:

    That looks good, but it doesn’t seems like my cup of tea…

  2. Erichd Says:

    Looks like a phenomal app, but I need the actual mailing litsts for business use…. where, Zot, can we find the winners who suggested this app?

  3. Igor for BeLight Software Says:


    To print whole mailing lists you will need mail merge functionality, which is available in full version of the program. Mail Factory upgrade is available at BeLight Software site.

  4. geoff Says:

    If you need the actual mailing lists for business use, buy this, click through to the developer’s site, and buy the upgrade to the full version. You still save money there too.

  5. jho Says:

    W00T! I’ve been waiting for this one! Seriously guys, this app is awesome for creating envelopes and such.

  6. Danny Says:

    I purchased this app for my Father (he has a Contractor Business). He uses it all the time. I never use it though. In the words of Mickeh, “not my cup of tea”.

  7. Dan Says:

    Shouldn’t it be called “SnailMailFactory?” ;)

  8. Dave Says:

    Wow. A whole $5 discount.

    I’m overwhelmed.

  9. Greg B. Says:

    I’m still hoping/waiting to see some of the highly ranked apps from suggestzot! to appear on maczot.

    I also think its more zot’s nature to feature some smaller developers such as ‘s plugins for RapidWeaver such as Blocks or Collage who haven’t been featured on maczot before.

  10. Greg B. Says:

    I should read stuff before hitting the submit button.

    I apologize for the poor english. The second paragraph should read, “I also think it’s more of maczot’s nature to feature smaller developers such as ‘s RapidWeaver Plugins (Block, Collage, and Accordian) and other developers who haven’t been featured on maczot.”

  11. Greg B Says:

    Wow! it seems that maczot moderates their comments! I posted two comments earlier that seem to have been deleted! I guess we’re not allowed to recommend another app or throw our 2cents in? what gives?

  12. Evangeline Says:

    Well, it stands to reason that you wouldn’t recommend another app. That might deter other businesses from offering their software if they’re just going to be undercut on the site. This is a business operation after all.

  13. kodac Says:

    Hey did anyone notice that if you click on the “home edition available” logo it takes you to the software company’s site?