Jul 20

Yesterday, the Scriptology offering was listed as Sold Out for the first half of the day, mostly due to a user error at MacZOT HQ. So, to be fair to people who check during those hours, we’re extending this ZOT!

Enjoy, and stay tuned for something that will blow your mind, if not your free time.


16 Responses to “8 Hour MacZOT overlap”

  1. Mickeh Says:

    What are yoou talking about?

    What are we staying tuned in for?

  2. Mickeh Says:

    Oh, so are you extending the current MacZot for eight more hours?
    I see… That seems fair.
    I wonder what this thing is that “will blow your mind, if not your free time.”

  3. MatzeLoCal Says:

    Ahhh… another 8 hours to wait for the next maczot offer? Don’t you know that I’m hyperimpatient?

    But does this mean, that the upcoming offer will have 8 hours less than any other?

  4. Erichd Says:


    Although, it already blew my free time.

    The ability to trade in licenses or “re-gift” them in exchange for other software would certainly blow my mind.

    So would a macbook at 75% off.

  5. Mickeh Says:



    CollaboZOT! Yes! Finally we are going to get the results back. Do you think that we are going to get some applications or something out of it? Or we get a discount of something because we participated in it… That would be really good.

  6. n0mmo Says:

    It’ll more be like:

    ColloboZOT… BOB WON! There ya go, the suspense is over! Wooo!

    BTW> apparently blowing our minds has now been extended the entire day.

  7. macfevre Says:

    “stay tuned for something that will blow your mind, if not your free time”

    Another CollaboZot? What’s that saying, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice…

  8. macfevre Says:

    Although, thank you Zot for the previous Myztery Zot. Needed and wanted every app offered!

  9. Dan Says:

    Yeah, the delay likely means they will have to do MORE for Collabozotters than if they would have taken care of it right away.

    If you care about MacZOT, you need to remind them every day about ColloboZOT, because the longer they delay, the more they’ll have to do to satisfy participants. It would be terrible if everyone who participated got fed up and just left…. Obviously, they aren’t going to ask you to remind them every day, but if you like MacZOT, you should do this until it gets settled once and for all.

    Still expecting that update by the end of the week…

  10. ZOT Says:

    CollaboZOT update

    Okay, for anybody following the threads of collabozot, you realize that it got left mostly undone. I say mostly, because some teams actually got their prizes (TextExpander).

    Instead of trying to re-prodice the excitement of the initial event and get everybody back on the same page, we’re going to offer something for use on MacZOT.

    However, that’s not coming out until we roll out Version 2 of MacZOT.

    For those of your curious, here are the winners (not properly organized) of the CollaboZOT 1.0

    So, if you’re on this list, you can expect some prizing.

    If not, you’ll still get a participation award.

    Thanks for all the reminders!


  11. Tony Jensen Says:


    Thank you for finally revealing the results of the CollaboZOT contest.

    Most of us had a lot of fun with the puzzles but were disheartened by the lack of prizes. Now we at least have a list of winning teams.

    You guys DO love your myzteries, don’t you. What are the prizes? What are the participation awards? Guess I get to lose even MORE sleep due to ZOT.

    I can hardly wait to see MacZOT v2.0. And what are the chances that you are going to put together another game? I’ll be first in line to play.


  12. Mickeh Says:

    Cool, I can’t wait for the participant prizes…

    What is this talk of “MacZOT v2.0?”

  13. Danny Says:

    Thanks Zot, a lot of members feel a lot better. Our forum is ready for another round of CallabotZot!!

    Congrats to those 3 teams that won from our Forum :) (Team MH-Gamma, Team MH-Eta, and Team MH-Zeta)


  14. Frank Says:

    “you’ll still get a participation award”

    What is this carrot on a stick marketing?

    Will the CallaboZot ever be wrapped up?

  15. Dave Says:

    This is a long 8 hours. :)

  16. Dan Says:

    Thanks for the update on CollaboZOT! Glad to final get it settled!