Mar 08
Xyle - scope X-Ray for CSS Design

Using Xyle scope is like surfing with an x-ray vision. You will immediately see beneath the surface of the web pages you are visiting.

MASTER CSS by Experimenting with CSS values in author style sheets – no matter if they are on the internet or on your own computer.

Export interesting source code with ease and model new and consistent formatting to your own CSS files.

Xyle scope IS the one tool that all web developers can use. It allows you to learn CSS by osmosis. When you see a well designed, standards compliant site, you can uncover it elegantly. You won’t be looking at ugly source code anymore.

Try it, and decide for yourself. See more of Xyle scope…

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Mar 08
Swift Office Ships - SOS

Swift Office Ships is the classic Battleship, but for Mac. It’s played over the Bonjour network so family or co-workers can play a quick game instantly. If no humans are available, challenge the computer.

The bad news – cheating isn’t possible, i.e. you cannot place your very last submarine while the game is already in progress ;-)

This fun game gets the competitive juices flowing which aid creativity, reduce stress and improve concentration for computer tasks. So yes, your boss will approve.


  • Easy and intuitive (no reading required)
  • High fun-factor
  • Competitive
  • Playable over Bonjour Network
  • Games are less than 10 minutes

ZOT Priced so you can gift one to a challenger on your local network.

Try it, and decide for yourself. See more of SOS…

Normal price: 2 for $12.

ZOT Price: 2 for $9.00 a 25% savings.

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Mar 06

Wallet was designed for storage of passwords, serials, and private personal information.

It is very flexible and secured using 448-bit Blowfish encryption to ensure that your Wallet database is bullet-proof against wandering eyes.

Wallet adds automation of tedious tasks by allowing you to “Auto Fill” web based forms in Safari and other compatible browsers.

When you need a small and visually appealing personal database to store and secure your digital connection to the world – choose Wallet.

Try it, and decide for yourself. See more of Wallet…

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Mar 06
iClip Simply Useful

Menuet is a best of the breed iTunes controller for your Mac, with completely skinnable remotes, high-res album art downloading, and more.

  • Totally skinnable remotes ranging from the whimsical to minimal to industrial strength designs
  • Full hot key support
  • Menu click controls
  • High-resolution album art grabbing
  • Open album art for track in Preview
  • Menu browse and smart browse functionality
  • Growl support

Try it, and decide for yourself. See more Menuet…


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Mar 05
iClip Simply Useful

iClip – do you copy and paste a lot?
Quickly gather snippets of information that just aren’t practical to save as entire documents…

iClip is a new multiple clipboard/scrapbook software application for Apple Macintosh computers with OS X.

With iClip, you can drag & drop or copy & paste all kinds of information into its “clipping bins”.

This application was very popular at Macworld 2006 and you’ll see it on many Mac news and update sites as a proven product.

MacZOT would like to emphasize that if you purhcase this version, you get a FREE upgrade to the next version that will be priced at $29.95.

The team at MacZOT use iClip for all kinds of daily tasks when building web pages, frequent logins, and templated email snippets.

Normally version 3 is $19.95 so you save $5. But, if you purchase now before the next version appears, you get a FREE upgrade.

Here’s a screenshot of v4 soon to be released:

iClip v4 coming soon

Try it, and decide for yourself. See more iClip…

Mar 03
AppZapper - The Uninstaller Apple Forgot

Bloglight makes searching weblogs fun.

Find out what others are saying about you, your product, company or favorite TV show.

Millions of blogs mean someone is always talking about something you are interested in too.

Searches in Bloglight run on multiple blog search engines. The results from each are combined together in an easy to read format.

Download the demo and give it a try.

Normally $13.95, MacZOT priced at $9.00

Mar 03
AppZapper - The Uninstaller Apple Forgot

AppZapper is for people who want to confidently try new apps while knowing they can uninstall them easily.

Drag one or more unwanted apps onto AppZapper and watch as it finds all the extra files, lets you preview them and delete them with a single click.

A slick safety system remembers which apps you want to keep safe, and the log tracks all the files you’ve zapped. Put simply, AppZapper is the uninstaller Apple forgot.

AppZapper is a very popular application right now. If you do a search on Google, you’ll see it’s linked everywhere. It’s localized in Japanese, Italian, French, Polish, Chinese and more. It’s simple, it’s sexy, and it’s FUN! You have to try this application.

Normally $12.95, you save $3.00
a 23% savings.

Mar 01
DockStar is an add-on for that adds up to 5 new-mail indicators to the dock icon. This lets Mail users keep track of email as it arrives in various accounts and local mailboxes.

In addition, DockStar brings customizable shapes and colors to the Mail dock icon. Seamless integration allows users to control every aspect of the dock icon directly from Mail’s settings panel.

Normally $8.00 the MacZOT! special is only $5.95 save 26%