Mar 09
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MacZOT has been live for a solid week already and we’re filling up fiber with the daily ZOT!

Today, it’s different. Nothing to download and try, peruse, or compare to applications you might be considering. Nope, it’s a total mystery.

If you purchase the MysteryZOT! you will receive 5 fully registered applications. We cannot say which they are and you won’t know until the end of the day. (All legal and authorized by their respective vendors of course.)

It’s a risk. You could bet and win or throw the dice and be glad you didn’t have the deed for your house on the line.

What will you do?

What would your mother tell you to do?

Normal price: $?

ZOT Price: $14.90 a ?% savings.

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  1. Educational Weblogs Says:


    MacZot has been described as Woot! for Macintosh users. They sell Macintosh software at a modest discount, somewhere between 23 to 33 percent discount. Link: macZOT!.

  2. joost68 Says:

    Is it possible to resell a registered application, for example on ebay. This offer is tempting, but i might not like all the applications.

  3. William Sun Says:

    So intrigued at what the five registered applications could be that I decided to take my chances and purchase this. Now I only hope I have made the right choice! I also like the idea of ‘MyzteryZOT’, it’ll just raise their curiosity not knowing what they have just purchased – whether it was worth it or not… Sort of like me.

  4. wizozzie Says:


    I am logged in at 0629 PST and it’s already sold out??!!??

  5. zicklepop Says:

    Does this have past-released software or new software? Is the overall value greater then 10$ an item?

  6. misstricky Says:

    What happens if I already own some of the software? Does it contain the software you guys sold this week?

  7. ndrake Says:

    Anyone know when the “end of the day” is?

  8. ZOT Says:


    End of day is 11:59 pm GMT – 8 (PST)

    If you already own some of the software, you can give the registration to somebody.

    Reselling these applications goes against most of the End User License Agreements

    One thing a Myztery does is bring questions. Enjoy!

  9. mbazzoni Says:

    I’m in for the mystery apps…what the heck…

  10. wesochuck Says:

    Are they all from the same publisher? Or are the from five different designers/developers? I’m almost ready to hit the but button…

  11. eightfive Says:

    I must be crazy.

  12. Kyle Says:

    Just purchased. Anyone have any ideas what these might be?

    It wouldn’t let you purchase if it was sold out right? Going on someone else saying it was saying it was sold out already.

  13. myscreenname Says:

    I bought it about 15 or so mins ago and it seemed to take my pal pal.

  14. Katanna Says:

    Well, I took a bite… I own a lot of Mac software already, so I hope I don’t double up… but there is also a lot of good software out there that I want, so…

    Thanks for MacZot… great idea!


  15. yahtzeen Says:

    I’ve been waiting for something to buy so I figured this seemed like a good first maczot buy. Plus it’s a little fun as well.

    Can’t wait to see what I bought.

  16. Kyle Says:

    I went for it because all previous apps have been pretty cool, and the average price is around $12/app so … 5 * $12 = $60 .. that’s a bit on the high side i would guess but even $30 worth of apps for $15 would be cool. Hopefully they’re useful enough for me to use.

  17. yahtzeen Says:

    Now that it’s sold out I’m assuming we’ll get the goodies soon?

    My guess is five $5 apps…still a great deal.

  18. zotbatman Says:

    If you are sold out why not give us our programs?

  19. ukstevem Says:

    So, im in the UK at the moment, no sign of my software and its 1:12am.

    Anyone else get anything?

  20. ArseneL Says:

    This MyzteryZOT is listed under “Utilities, Internet Utilities, Audio, Organization, Games, Web Design Tools”, please do not tell me it is a combination of the previous apps macZOT listed in the past week.

  21. Mac Media Blog » MyzteryZOT!â„¢ Says:

    [...] macZOT! » MyzteryZOT!™: [...]

  22. Berylium Says:

    Well it’s past 8pm PST, when do we find out what apps we purchased?

  23. Katanna Says:

    LOL! I came here to check to see if anything was posted, and while I was reading the comments, the e-mail came in… I hope it is OK to post it here… if not, delete away!)

    (everything below this was in my e-mail)

    Wow! Congratulations for overwhelming us with your support.

    That was completely overwhelming. Our first MyzteryZOT! and you went nuts!

    Thank you!

    The thing is, you are now an official member of the ZOT! FAN CLUB (The meaning of which is to be determined.)

    We had such a great response, we’re going to respond in two emails.
    1. This one, and
    2. The one with all the registration information.

    If you already purchased all the MacZOT items this week, you get Sudoku Companion by Verek software as your bonus.

    If you didn’t purchase all the ZOTs, we’re catching you up. The apps in the MyzteryZOT! include:

    1. AppZapper
    2. BlogLight
    3. DockStar
    4. Swift Office Ships (SOS aka Battleship over Bonjour network or against computer)
    5. Sudoku Comp

    We saw a comment that pointed out: “Yipes, it might just be a bunch of apps from this week!”
    It is. But we warned you.

    However, as a consolation, you get premier status as far as MacZOT! goes and gosh darn it, we’re going to make that mean something.

    We appreciate your support and encouragement and will follow up with the registrations for each of your apps.

    Kind regards,
    The MyzteryZOT! Team
    (at MacZOT)

  24. Katanna Says:

    Did some price comparison…
    Note that I included the price of Sudoku Comp in there, but it didn’t have a previous Maczot price…

    In conclusion:
    Price of all pieces together: $46.90
    Price you paid: $14.90
    Saved: $32.00, or 68.23%


  25. m5l5 Says:

    Have you received your registration info yet? I have yet to receive the first email.

  26. myscreenname Says:

    I got the email above. No reg info yet but I am a happy camper.

  27. One Measly Dollar » Blog Archive » More macZOT! - The MysteryZOT! Says:

    [...] I’ve been visiting macZOT! every day since posting about it last week and while there were a few apps I really wanted to buy I didn’t pull the trigger. Until yesterday when they premiered the MysteryZOT!, a collection of five apps for $14.90 that wouldn’t be revealed until the end of the day. I hesitated a little but eventually the suspense and thought of getting a good deal got the best of me. [...]

  28. lesbrown Says:

    Anyone else colossally disappointed?

  29. weatherh Says:

    I’ve received the first email, but I’m still waiting on the registration info. What gives? I like the concept of a mystery bag of apps, but not the mystery delivery of the registration codes. It’s been 30hrs since I paid.

  30. ndrake Says:

    Still haven’t received the registration email yet. Any idea when it will be going out?

  31. wordtrip Says:

    I’ve still not received ANY of the e-mails but it shows that I bought it before it sold out… I’m happy with the apps and would like to get them installed.

  32. Kyle Says:

    You can install them. They’re all shareware. Just install them from the sites listed in the other post. Then when you get the reg codes enter the codes in. Sheesh.

    Reg email was sent to me this morning. The FAQ states 24-48 hours for the serial/red codes to be sent out. It ended about 36 hours ago, so there’s still plenty of time within the 48 hour mark. If you have a problem, why not send a damn email to instead of complaining here?

  33. ryeenv Says:

    Most people view statements like “with in 48 hours” as a necessity for companies to protect them selves again technical glitches. Most user expectations is that a downloadable programs registration should be sent with in 30 minutes. An, assumed to be, automated process shouldn’t be delayed for close to 48 hours. To do so, would go against user expectations. In this sense they have dropped the ball.

    On that note, it has been over 48 hours since I purchased the package and have yet to receive my registration. Pay pal’s receipt of purchase is dated March 10th @ 10:33 am, it is now March 12th @ 1:55 pm and I have to yet receive the registration. In this sense they have not only violated customer expectations, but their own.

    I can’t speak for others, but I myself posted here so people outside of maczot could read it.

  34. Kyle Says:

    They said that you wouldn’t get your codes, or find out what apps were in the MysteryZot until AFTER 11:59pm PST on Friday. I don’t think it matters what time you bought it.

    Regardless, if you have an issue, it’s usually more appropriate, not to mention courteous to take up your issue with the people in question rather than bitch in an open forum. There’s likely a good reason for why it has taken so long, but instead you just want to hang someone.

    As for getting things immediately. Well, as I said, you weren’t supposed to find out what the apps were until after 11:59pm PST on Friday. So you wouldn’t get your code immediately as that would tell you what the apps were before the time was up to buy it. Even though it had sold out earlier.

    Usually when a company gives you immediate reg codes it’s because they have their own setup. I’m guessing that MacZOT sends off all the codes to the vendor of the application and then they create reg codes for them and MacZOT simply sends the codes to us. So that might be why it took so long, not to mention there were 5 applications and not just 1.

    Such freakin critics here.

  35. slam Says:

    I haven’t gotten my codes yet or even the technical difficulties email. I sent an email asking why and got a request for my paypal receipt. So if you haven’t heard from MacZot you might want to make sure they know you ordered this.